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TX1 Spirit Box Mobile

4.09 usd

The TX1 Spirit Box for mobile uses brand new technology for sweeping random generated Mhz frequenzies.TX1 Spirit Ghost Box is a great tool for both amateurs and professional paranormal investigators.When you buy "TX1 Spirit Box Mobile" you will get free lifetime upgrades with new features and awesome custom build algorithms, that you will find nowhere else.
Please remember, we do not guarantee that you get any evps or voicesWe do not have any control over the spirit realm, but we give you a tool to access it.
- please dont leave any bad ratings or comments, if you dont hear any evps or voices right away.Ghost hunting / investigation requires patience, and for a spirit to communicate takes a lot of energy and that its in the vicinity for anything to come up.
So, how does it work?we use a highly complicated and advanced random sweep algorithm, by sweeping several MHz Frequenzies. Upon this layer, is a higly randomized ringmod real-time effect. We created this app so that you should have absolutely no Interference with any radio stations, so if you get voices, there is a high possibility that it may be of the paranormal.- we then enable this sweep algorithm this to the "outside world" with your mobiles sensors for any spirits to tinker with.
We recommend using a portable speaker to enhance the volume, as spirit voices can be really hard to hear, but is not required for using this app.